order to learn to speak compliments , you need to understand a little of human psychology.What a pleasure to hear the men might not be interesting for women.
To Compliment reached the goal and was sweet companion, do not flatter him roughly.Your words can be perceived as subservience that do not add to your weight in the eyes of your opponent.
Compliment made by man can be dedicated to his career success, such character traits as hardness, self-confidence, courage, perseverance.
If you want to pay tribute to the appearance of the interlocutor, pay attention to detail.It could be hours, cuff links, tie.A man will be very pleased if you appreciate his ability to assemble accessories.
Compliments on women, should emphasize its na
tural softness.Even if you are dealing with railway business woman, compliment her femininity is always appropriate.
Speaking compliments women should pay attention to their appearance.You can emphasize how the lady to face new hairstyle as well blouse emphasizes the color of the eyes.
women of all ages nice to hear that they look younger than their years.Therefore, to emphasize the fact that the lady today, for that matter, and always looks fresh and attractive.
elderly will always be pleased to hear about your own merits.Mention of what they have achieved over the past year, some wonderful children and grandchildren grow up.Say that they still have honor and respect among friends and are surrounded by love and care of relatives.
main art, which is to learn - talking compliments at the appropriate moment.Subtly move the subject to the features of the interlocutor that you would like to mention.Then the good words will be formally incorporated into the conversation.And no one will suspect you of hypocrisy, even if some of compliments is actually not true.