term "Academy" arose during the stay of the philosopher Plato.According to legend, the ancient thinker loved to walk through the garden, called Academic.Later, by establishing a school, Plato gave it the name "Academy".It was something of a circle of interests.Its mission - to teach the sciences, are in a narrow specialization - survived to this day.The direction of the field, which taught knowledge is reflected in the name of the institution, for example: "Ural Academy of Art."


little higher in rank, took the university.Its main difference from the academy that the university prepares generalists, bringing together s
everal departments in different specialties.Within the walls of one institution can be seen as the future of physics or test pilots, and teachers of singing, or mathematics.This does not mean that the level of knowledge that presents the university, much higher than the programs of the Academy.

Academy, as well as universities, are eligible for the research activities as well as methodological development and implementation of their profile.


Life is flowing and changing, however, is different.There are times when a person goes to study in the Academy, and graduated from the university.Rename and change the status - is not such a rare phenomenon associated with the duty imposed by the universities undergo periodic recertification and confirm the number of specialties (departments), which is recruiting and training, as well as the status of the teaching staff, which claims the right to train specialists with higher education.

Every year, a couple of high schools of the University of passes in the category Academies, failing to score the required number of students, or confirm that the educational standard of the claimed function.
Does the rank of University, who published a specialist publication, the preferences of employers?Overwhelmingly the answer is unequivocal - no effect.Therefore, choosing his way after school, do not get hung up on the status of the institution, in fact, nothing more than the academy program will not differ from the program of the University.Where as it is important to correctly determine the direction of specialization.