Russian imperial and even revolutionary were characterized by individual modes of transport, in contrast, for example, from Europe, where in the 17th century were implemented special carts for the common people, who were placed at 5-7 in the same carriage.The Russian people have historically not been accustomed to the neighborhood with other people in the truck, so the appearance of a tram caused not only curiosity, but also generated a wave of mutual negativity between the fellow travelers.
Classical etymology of the phrase "tram lout" - rude, ill-mannered people.

history of traffic jams

believed that the very phrase "tram lout" ap
peared in the 20-30-ies of the last century.Strong stratification of society by social class and level of education, which did not prevent change from the individual horse-drawn carriages to cheaper and less comfortable tram transport, has allowed to draw a clear parallel between the intellectuals and the workers, who were said during the time of Soviet Union, "fueled class hostility toall signs of bourgeois behavior. "It then became the actual phrase Hama tram.

Over time, the trams were replaced by buses and trolleybuses were put high-speed trains and taxis, but the expression remained unchanged and, unfortunately, has not lost its original value, despite the fact that the level of culture and education of the population theoretically should increase significantly.

first trams were very much in demand as one of the cheapest and fastest modes of transport: the people were hanging on pegs, literally clinging to the air, just to drive to the desired stop actively elbow, making his way to the exit.Clever people, accustomed to strong language and vivid succinct phrases, creates a deep and apt phrase "tram lout".

Outside tram

Times and people have changed.Since the 60s of the last century, public transport has become less congested, the opportunity to be more polite and considerate to each other.However it struck by the fact that today glare disgruntled fellow travelers and often not the most correct behavior make even educated people to become 'tram cad ", protecting your space.
first tram trolley appeared in the mines, in the early 19th century, they moved to the streets in the form of public transportation, and in 1881 got electric propulsion instead of the horse.

Today cads tram can be seen not only in the packed public transport, sometimes they go to a very reputable Mercedes and occupy very senior positions, having a good education and status in society.But sometimes I feel like all my heart to cry after brazen impunity Nahal 'tram lout! "