Bread, Canvas, Walnut ... This festival has many names.But for the Orthodox this day is remarkable in that it was August 16 (old style - 29 August), there is one of the major holidays.It is no coincidence.In 994, there was a historic movement of the Image of Jesus Christ in Constantinople.

According to one of the Biblical legend, the ruling in the days of the Savior in Edessa King Abgar, leprosy, believed in the Lord and ask the teacher requesting healing.As retribution for the service the king instructed Ananias court painter to paint a portrait of the Savior.Ananias went to Jerusalem, but to come to Jesus, surrounded by people who could not.Then he went to the nearest hill and went to work.But no matter how he tried painter, he could not.Soon the Lord himself called Ananias, listened and promised to send it to the governor his pupil.And then I asked him
to bring water and a towel (ubrus).

After washing, the Lord wiped his face ubrus on which was imprinted his divine countenance.This canvas Image of Christ with the letter Ananias took his master.And only one attached to his face ubrus as from the disease is almost gone.Healing canvas with a face of the Savior and the words "Jesus Christ, anyone relying on you, do not be ashamed" Abgar, was baptized, set above the gate.Thus, the governor gave an opportunity for all its residents to turn to God.

In 944 Constantine Porphyrogenitus, foreclosure holy face of Christ, moved with great honor and an image of the Saviour, which the Master addressed Abgar in Constantinople - the capital of Orthodoxy.Ubrus with Holy image was placed in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Pharos.

On further "travel" saint of the canvas, there are several legends.On one of them the image of the Holy Face in the XIII century, the Crusaders stole.Another legend says that the canvas with the face of Christ around 1362 was transferred to Genoa.We also know that the image is printed several times, leaving their replicas.One of them remained "at Ceram" when Ananias returned to Edessa, the other was on a raincoat and got into Georgia.

in honor of the holy image of the Savior in Pskov is a temple in the name nerukotvorennogo image of the Lord Jesus Christ.However, the holiday is celebrated in the Translation of all Orthodox churches.It coincides with the rank of Burial Shroud.

this day in all the holy monastery held celebratory service, prayers and consecration of nuts, as the festival takes place at the Assumption, or third (Walnut) Spas.A icon of Holy Face of Jesus Christ in the Orthodox world is considered to be the most common.