caste system was typical of most of the early civilizations.And not rulers or warriors as some mistakenly think, namely, the priests were at the head of such companies.They determined the direction of development, is established by law, they have been the custodians of traditions and spiritual leaders.In ancient India, they were called Brahman, from Rus - the wise men and the Celts - an ancient European civilization, such druids were priests.

Become a druid could not every Celt.This title is not hereditary.Priests, watching the younger generation, to select the most able boys, who were long-term training, before they can enter the circle of priests.To determine who is worthy to be a disciple of t
he Druids, and helped signs.Taken into account also the spiritual qualities of the candidate.It was believed that only the pure of heart and noble man is worthy to join the great knowledge he will not be able to distort them or use them for selfish purposes.

their knowledge druids passed from mouth to mouth.Although they have existed script, ancient wisdom is not recorded.Encrypted in poems and songs, she was transferred from the senior priests to the disciples, and the profane did not have access to the mystery.

Druids there is a hierarchy, and to become a priest could only after passing all stages of initiation.It was a long and complicated process.According to some sources, at least 20 years should have been trained priest before he was promoted to the druid.


first students were trained to listen to the rhythms and sounds of nature, studying the forms and meanings.They mastered the magic of sound, silent strength and the strength to speak.By understanding this wisdom to the full, they received the title of the bard.Bards studied ancient Celtic songs and legends, and praised the gods raised their fighting spirit fighting during military campaigns.They wore clothes in blue, symbolizing harmony.


next stage of priestly training was knowledge of the mysteries of nature, mastering the technique of healing and gaining power over the mental plane of existence.The power of thought they could stop the warrior and kindle the sacred fire.They have mastered the art of predicting the future by signs known only to them and clear.These students were called Ovate and wore green clothes, symbolizing knowledge.

Actually, druids, called those who rose to the highest level in mastering priestly sciences.With the knowledge and skills Ovates bards and druids continued to study the secrets of nature, analyze and apply this knowledge to serve his people.They were agents, mentors and advisers to rulers and army commanders.The legendary Merlin, a teacher and mentor of King Arthur, was also none other than as a druid.