Authorship spiritual teaching on the improvement of the human belongs to the ancient Chinese sage Kun-tzu or in Latin transcription - Confucius, who lived in the 551 - 479 ggBC.e.This period of the history of ancient China is characterized by major social and political upheavals and crises: the destruction of pre-existing patriarchal and tribal norms, government institutions and the state.As it happens in an era of great upheaval, there were personality, managed to formulate and bring to society the moral and ethical and spiritual standards that are widely spread and helped the people of China to maintain moral integrity.

In his teachings, Confucius is based on the primitive beliefs, including, in the cult
of the dead ancestors, the highest divine powers - the heavens and nature as an example and a source of harmony and the principles of the "golden mean."This doctrine - ready program of spiritual development of man, which is the center of the universe and, therefore, should live in harmony with the surrounding cosmos.Every man, a follower of the teachings and lives according to the laws of nature, he is a model of morality and the ideal role model for the whole society.Such a person is organically inherent sense of harmony, it is congenital or acquired by gift organic cultivation exist in a natural rhythm.

writings of Confucius left, but his treatise "Lun-yu", which recorded his conversations with his disciples and followers, the teacher refers to five of "permanence", to be followed in public administration and in the family, everyday life.These include: the ritual, humanity, the duty of justice, knowledge and confidence.The special role of the ritual because it can be adapted and fit each individual, society and the state in an infinite hierarchy of living space community that has a feature constantly changing, keeping, at the same time, the same laws and principles of development.

fundamental "permanence" was brought up in any man - from ruler to a common peasant sense of proportion, ensuring conservation in society unshakable moral values ​​do not permit the development of a man of such destructive qualities such as satiety, and consumerism.The viability of the teachings of Confucius, whose adherents in China a lot, and today, confirmed the existing stability of Chinese society and the state to those defects that characterize European society of consumption.