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Originally an ancient Christian church was united and divided into departments according to seniority.The oldest of the departments served the bishop of Rome - the Pope, because it was the city where he preached and were martyred Apostles Peter and Paul.But after the transfer of the imperial capital from Rome to the so-called "new Rome" - Constantinople, began to arise contradictions between departments concerning the status of the bishop of Rome. By the number of believers today Catholicism is the largest denomination among Christianity.The number of Catholics more than a billion people.

Vera remained alone, and tradition eventually begins to be very different.For example, the Catholic prelate or monk shaved his beard and Byzant
ine it was a sign of a homosexual.The differences go in the service.Contradictions matured for several centuries until the Romans did not introduce special dogma, still remains a stumbling block between the churches - it is the dogma of the procession of the Holy Spirit "and the SonĀ» - filioque.

few centuries the church continued to be united despite this dogma, but a different way of development of the East and West led to mutual anathema of Rome and Constantinople, and the final separation of church.

main differences Catholicism

addition filioque Catholics operates the dogma of papal infallibility.Since ancient times Rome is the senior of the department, with the time of deepening conflict and growing understanding of the Western Christians the bishop of Rome as the head of the whole church.Well, after the separation of church Rome announced that the rest of the patriarchs become heretics, and he is the only infallible its head.

Then came a few more new dogmas, which are absent in the Eastern Church.Firstly, it is the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, which is supposedly the parents conceived without sin. recognizable feature of Catholicism is the doctrine of indulgences.Ostensibly holy before God accumulate some "supererogation" merit, by which Rome has to let go of the sins of sinners. Another tenet was the dogma of the limb "purgatory" - a special place, where souls, do not fall into hell or heaven, relatively small torments cleaned of all kinds of evil.Even Catholics use unleavened bread in the service, and not leavened bread, like other Christians.Catholic clergy necessarily takes a vow of celibacy.Also, the Pope has a special state with its own laws.This Vatican - the smallest country in the world.