Read the terms of the contract.As a rule, the document contains a section which clearly spelled out the conditions for its termination.If you decide to terminate the obligations, make a notice in written form, send it a second side.This can be done via registered mail or delivered in person;the main thing - at least two weeks before the end of the relationship.After receiving a positive response, make an agreement on the termination of a municipal contract.It point to article №94-FL, which is written based on the conclusion of the contract (request for quotation, the result of a tender or auction, or only one supplier).Next, list the grounds
of termination of the contract and conditions of the agreement comes into force.To draft documents in at least two copies, one for each side.Notarize it does not need.Signatures and printing organizations are required.
Check whether the contract conditions under which the unilateral refusal to perform the transaction impossible.In this case, you have to go to court, as a rule, arbitration.Officials will review your claim, study the requirements and, if they comply with the law, satisfied in full.There is not a prerequisite for the expiry of the contract at the time of acceptance of the case for production.The statement of claim you can make yourself or hire the services of professionals.To submit a document to the court is possible in cases when the other party refused to offer to voluntarily terminate the contract or when after dispatch of the notice with a proposal for termination of the contract has been more than 30 days and no response was received.
Grab a copy of the court decision on the basis of this document, you can enter in the register termination of contracts information about the termination of obligations.When you terminate a legal relationship by mutual consent, submit the information you need on the same roster.This procedure is obligatory and when the contract expires.
make information about the termination of the contract in the appropriate register not later than one day from the date of issuance of the document authorizing the transfer right to such termination of relations.This information is filled in as well as information about how to municipal contract in the register of reference contracts .Specify the name of the organization that conducted the call for bids, auctions, contests.Write the number of the contract, on which bids were conducted, the results of the procedure, protocol number, register Termination obligations and the expiration date of the contract.Turn information into the registry yourself or take them to an official authorized to enter into and maintain a record of the termination of contracts of municipal .Check correctness of the contracts and the termination of , terms of drawing up and execution of the documents is the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service).