To begin, introduce, tell us where and when you were good.Start your autobiography with the words: "I, Ivanova Larisa Nikolaevna, was born March 17, 1982 in Leningrad."Then, in the official paper write the address of your residence registration (residence permit).
Next chronologically describe the major milestones of my life where I studied (sometimes schooling indicate otherwise is only relevant studies to secondary or higher educational establishment), when in military service, which hosted the practiceand / or worked.If autobiography provides a potential place of work, try to reflect in its key moments of his professional career, but not duplicate the full summary - and so it will be in the hands of the recruiter.
Finally, describe the marital status a
nd family composition, age and occupation of their loved ones.For example: "Married, wife - Inna Alekseevna Petrova, born in 1984, engineer, son - Ilya Petrov V., born in 2008".Select contacts for which you can be reached.You can specify your full professional experience and current job (if any).
In business autobiography inappropriate colloquial style, the use of tropes, epithets and verbal frills.Another thing, the creative biography: providing along with the application for the competition (writers, poets, artists, designers, etc.) brief information about yourself, try to highlight interesting aspects of his life that life has attracted attention to your work.In this document, you can specify that you without any zeal finished high school, but with great passion went into "hudozhku" or drama school.