To find information about the missing in World War II relative visit sites, which contains the database names, names and ranks of the soldiers, whose remains were found during excavations in various fields, not only in our country,but also abroad.These lists are constantly updated as the search for unmarked graves are maintained to this day.To check whether the list of your grandfather , great grandfather , father, type in the search bar of his name, years of service.If there is no result, contact the editorial staff.Wanted list compiled separately.Your relative will get there and as soon as it found some information on it, you will be contacted.
Contact the military-patriotic clubs that exist in your city.Very often the participants are taken to help the relative
s of those killed in the war heroes.Collect them as much information.Write birthplace loved one, how many years he was drafted into the army, when and where he supposedly disappeared.Attach the photo.Most likely, the search engines will assist you.And try to find additional information in the files to which they have access.In addition, if they are to carry out excavations in the region, where presumably lost your grandfather, father, grandfather, all the remains found they correlated with the information you.
Tell that ischtte missing in the Great Patriotic War, relative to the program "Wait for me."This project is specifically designed to help those who are looking for loved ones.Each week, using it wanted about fifty people.About thirty percent of them - military, fallen on the battlefields.To request a search for your loved one, please fill out the form on the program's website or by calling the contact number in the same place.Provide all the information you have about the missing and send photos.Leave your details - name and mobile phone number.Once the transfer of employees to learn something, you will contact.