Most parents recognize that the child necessary to issue citizenship only when going abroad.As a result of the trip is necessary to postpone, as citizenship of the Russian Federation - is the data, which are among the most important when traveling abroad.The need for the design of the certificate of citizenship child disappears in the case until the age of 14 years you are not planning any trips abroad.At fourteen, obtain a passport, he will automatically receive and print, which would indicate that he is a citizen RF.Tem ​​however, it is impossible to plan or your life or your child's life by 14 years in advance, so
you should think about the design of citizenshipimmediately after birth.After all, the financial situation may change and you can send a child to study abroad, or it can go to the competition in music, get a ticket for the victory in the contest or competition, and so on.You begin to issue a passport to him, and you have to deal with the extra hassle.In any case, you will solve the problem of registration of residence, birth certificates and other documents at the same time, why not draw and citizenship ?Especially because today the procedure for obtaining citizenship is much simpler.By 2011, this process was amended as follows: there is no need to issue a liner of citizenship to those children who have not attained the age of 14;the procedure is reduced to the stamp on the citizenship of the child in the parent's passport.To order citizenship , you need to show their passports (originals and copies), as well as the birth certificate of the child.The passports of both parents put a stamp - this procedure is now only takes a few minutes.It is also important to know that previously decorated inserts on citizenship Russia are valid until such time as a child to obtain a passport.