Contact your old notebook.Check to see whether there is room and that you need.Find old SIM-card and find out if you are not brought in their memory required phone.If you have a habit of recording room and on the first available pieces of paper, check the old newspapers, unnecessary documents and receipts that you still have some reason we did not throw away.Look at the pockets of clothing - not whether there is a stray leaf from the coveted number th.Check the files and folders on your computer.
Consider which of your relatives, friends and acquaintances whose and phone number you know, could help you in your search.If it's just your friend, remember the circumstances under which you met.Perhaps employees are a number of organizations and residents of the nearby homes will be able to help you.If you know whe
re he works, buy a reference book "Yellow Pages" your desired region (or go to the same site on the Internet) and contact them for the service number have.
Get the telephone directory of subscribers of the city that you need.Find the index, and look for an article on the letter that begins the name of that person .Call all the contacts that have the same initials as him.
Buy on the market or ask the familiar electronic databases phones of the city where the person lives.Enter in the search field his name and check whether it is listed in these lists.In the market you can buy the database and mobile operators.However, neither the one nor the other is not particularly trust.
Go online and visit the sites such as and a city from the list, type in the field to search for name this person and find number , provided that it is included in these databases.
Refer to the most popular social networks.By name you can find out whether it has an account on at least one of them.Learn his phone number, referring to the questionnaire or questioning his friends and acquaintances.