Collect parcel .It is important to take into account the standard weight and type of package, since the size of the package is limited.Since posting in Israel can be no more than the size of 75h75h75 cm and its weight must not exceed 30 kg.It is best to buy a special packaging containers at that point, where will be shipping.Any parcel shall be tightly packed that during transport the stuff inside does not postradali.Vnimanie!When collecting items in the parcel read the list of goods that can be sent to the country, as there are certain groups of goo
ds banned for export.Also read the information on the declaration of various kinds of items.
appear with parcels at the point of dispatch, taking his passport or other identity document.Weigh
parcel .This procedure is performed by an authorized person on the - the employee of the post office.
Go to the registration of the customs declaration and the accompanying address (form CN23 and SR71 respectively).Remember - the address on the parcel and address in the declaration must match exactly.Customs declaration form to fill in, you can get in the place of sending the parcel.The declaration should clearly indicate the full list of items sent, as well as the cost of these items separately.Do not forget to put your signature on the forms.
Give checking parcel agent who check whether your statements in the declaration with the real thing, as well as other details of the package.Proceed to the sealing of the package.
Indicate on the package, "Beware!Fragile! ┬╗In the event that you send fragile things that can break or suffer an accidental fall.Glue all the seams of the box a special control tape.
Stick to the front of the package in a special form, which you will be given on the spot.On this form you must specify the full address and telephone number of the sender, sending the weight and number, as well as all information about the destination (full address, phone number, full name).Remember - the premise can not be sent to the company.The line "To" you must specify the name of a natural person, if necessary it can be any organization working in the destination.At registration form do not forget to indicate the country of the sender and the country to which the transfer is addressed parcels.
Pass ready parcel and his passport, and the address of the recipient employee who receives a parcel for comparison and make the computer data.Paying the state fee, if your package exceeds the limit on the total amount of items, as well as the transmittal fee.Get checked.