you need
  • - mobile or landline phone or computer with Internet access and software Scype or the like;
  • - sufficient means to pay for the call (except for calls from fixed phones);
  • - prepaid card international and long-distance calls (optional);
  • - the country code (38), city or mobile operator and phone number.
If you call from a landline phone, dial eight and wait for the tone, then dial "10".
When calling from mobile numbers instead of eights and tens of cashing key "plus" (+) and followed immediately, without waiting for a dial tone, dial the country code.Possible option and set the code 8-10- strany.Pri presence in foreign countries, instead of the combination is generally gaining 8-10 "00".+ Key on the mobile phone gives the desired effect when callin
g from any country.The combination of "+" and the country code used in Skype.
When using a prepaid card, dial the number on it, enter the card code (under a protective layer, which must be pre-erased), then follow the instructions auto informer.If you are calling from a landline, it is usually necessary to translate from impulskogo regime in tone.
Next, use the following sequence of numbers: 38 Code of Ukraine, the city code or mobile operator and the number of abonenta.Esli hear short beeps, pause, and repeat the call.When the long wait for an answer and start talking.If the subscriber does not answer, call back later.
When you use a calling card, you can also call the operator to dictate his card number, country and city code or mobile operator and phone number of the abonenta.Esli you call from the post office, there are two possibilities.First - you make an advance payment to the operator, or put in a payphone card payment (it is usually possible to buy the operator liaison offices, newsagents, etc.), then the whole procedure like when you call from a landline phone: 8 horn -10-38- area code or mobile operator - the number abonenta.Alternativa: dictating operator country and city code or mobile provider and phone number, pay the right amount of minutes and wait until you establish a connection and does not invite you into the booth to talk.