It should immediately be noted that in the envelopes sent from Russia to other countries there is a significant difference from the distribution of letters by the native country.The difference is in the writing of the data destination.
sign the letter that you want to send from Russia abroad, you need the following:
1. name and surname;
2. House, apartment, the name of the street;
3. city code;
4. country.
All recipient data must be written in English only.
1. Mr.Jacob Abramson;
2. 14, Coventry Street;
3. London WS103NC;
4. UK;
sender's address must be written in the same form and the same in English.
If you need to send mail from abroad in Russia, the address can be
written in Russian.The fact that most of the way your letter will deliver domestic mail service.Only the envelope necessarily large letters write RUSSIA.The sender address is in any case must be written in English.
Remember also that if your envelope is heavier than conventional letters, in addition to the standard tariff for sending over the border will need to pay for the advantage.This can be done immediately at the post office.
In most post offices, you will find a box to send international mail.It is better to lower the envelope, so the letter will reach the addressee.But even if you threw the letter in an ordinary box, nothing wrong with that.It will still find their recipient.Simply will go a little longer because of the time spent sorting.