hours of controlling power consumption, reported to the local branch of "Energosbyt".When installing this counter with the owner of the premises of the above company is a contract for the provision of certain services, which spells out the conditions of payment for the consumed elektroenergiyu.Po rules of settlements with "Energosbyt" the consumer must fill out their own receipt, entering into her current testimony counter, past performancemonth and then calculate the total number of kilowatt / hours and the total cost.Pay a receipt can be in any convenient way: through a bank, post office, via the Internet or a payment terminal.Prakticheski the same can be said of the other counters that control the flow of energy.Only organizations, which will be transferred to your payment, ha
ve a different name.Thus, for example, to pay for the consumed gas you need to provide data to the appropriate counter at the local branch of "Gorgaza."After signing the contract for maintenance and sealing of the set counter staff of the organization will come to you monthly receipts, in which you and will fit testimony metering device.Pay can be in the same place and receipts for elektrichestvo.Oplata for water on the counter is carried out in the local branch of "Vodokanal", the principle of data described above.Receipts, of course, differ from each other the name of the service provider organizations, payment details and form filling.But the principle of calculating the amount of your payment for the consumption of resources is the same: shoot the current testimony corresponding counter, are deducted prior testimony and the difference is (the number of consumed resources in the past month) multiplied by the cost per kilowatt hour (electricity) or cubic meterwater or gas.