With urgent telegram to be congratulated relatives or friends on a holiday, to announce important news, send a notice to admit original deep feelings, etc.This method of transmitting information ensures confidential delivery of the text intact, which is especially important for the legal and financial documents.
Send urgent telegram can be different.Firstly, in the telegraph office or mail.Fill out a form, if you want to check the graph of the receipt of the notification to be sure that your information has reached the addressee.You can not leave your address, and themselves come to the department for notification.In this case, the line "Name and address of the sender," write "Name demand" and be sure to keep the receipt for payment.
When sending important legal or other documents should fill in two identical form.Ask the operator to put one of them assures the mark.Thus, you will be able to prove the correctness of the original text, if the transfer is a mistake or a typo.Moreover, the guarantee certificate can serve as a digital signature.
telegram can be sent by phone or Internet.To do this, the network now there are many sites that offer a variety of additional services, such as the possibility for off-line applications.After that, for some time the operator will call you and he will take the text on the phone.Account for payment will give you by mail or include in the monthly payment for the telephone.
disadvantage is the lack of telephone transmission sent you a copy of the text.Similarly, not all internet services provide a similar service.Although there are exceptions, which, however, work primarily with organizations to conclude a contract.
you can issue an urgent telegram to the art form on the form marked "luxury", as applicable.For example, in a music theme format, as a birthday card, on March 8 and New Year or in mourning registration.