you need
  • -zayavlenie for citizenship in the Russian Embassy in Uzbekistan;
  • -pasport;
  • document confirming your right to obtain citizenship under the simplified system.
to obtain Russian citizenship Uzbeks should contact the migration service at the Embassy of Russia to issue migration cards and residency rights.Rights for Russian citizenship foreigner can get after five years of continuous legal residence in Russia.However, there are a number of points which give him the right to receive Russian citizenship by the simplified scheme, six m
onths after submission of the application for citizenship.
So simplification rules for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation are persons who have at least one parent is a citizen of Russia, as well as persons living and residing in the states of the former Soviet Union and did not give the nationality.A simplified scheme of obtaining Russian citizenship applies to people who studied after 1 July 2002 in the Russian universities, colleges and vocational schools, and have an appropriate certificate.Born on the territory of the Russian Federation are entitled to simplified acquisition of citizenship.
If you have a spouse, a Russian citizen, after three years of marriage, his husband or wife can become a citizen of the Russian Federation under the simplified scheme.The presence of persons with disabilities and able-bodied adult children of citizens of the Russian Federation, gives parents the right to enter into the Russian citizenship .To some extent, the simplified scheme can be extended to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
If, for example, one spouse is a Russian citizenship , another can come to him, and his place of residence to obtain in the internal affairs migration card by issuing a temporary residence permit in Russiafor three years.Three years later, he can apply for Russian citizenship under the simplified system.
Applications for citizenship of the Russian Federation in the general order are considered for up to one year from the date of submission of all documents.For the consideration of applications under the simplified procedure is given six months from the date of submission of all documents.