Mailing address is different from your usual address.Essential Element mailing address - a zip code.It is needed in order to facilitate the sorting of letters and parcels.Russia has adopted six-digit system of formation of the index XXXYYY.XXX - is the code of the city or region, and YYY - the number of the post office.But in very large cities can use several city codes.
Now that we know what a zip code, and for what it is, let's see, how do you know cherished six digits.
In each area has its own post office.The easiest way - to go there, to name address and find the index.Then you can easily register for online shopping sites or dictate the address family of the Altai Territory, so that they can s
end you a jar of sweet honey.
You do not have relatives in the Altai region, you do not like honey, and go to the post office you lazy?See the next step.
turn to the help of the Internet, which allows you to find all if not immediately, then in the shortest possible time.
Because sending people post less frequently than write letters, post office no longer enjoy such great popularity as before.Many young people do not even know that there is still some way to reach a destination other than the Internet.However, we do not mind to get the parcel with homemade jams from his grandmother or a huge box of things from abroad.
How can learn code "advanced" youth?
seek the assistance of two sites:
operating principle is very simple.Choose the region in which you live (if you want to find out your index) or the addressee (if you want to send a letter or parcel), then the town, then - the street.The program will indicate the six-digit code index.
Ready!You can send a parcel or wait for it eagerly.However, in both cases, the post office still have to go.