you need
  • Internet access
National Service of mutual search people better known as Project "Wait for me " - product Broadcasting "VID".At the present time, while new technologies - Learn about finding people, including yourself, you can use the Internet.Go to the website of "Wait for me " - .
How do I know if the
in the search box on which is written, "Look Do you?"enter your last name, first name, and click "Search".If someone is looking for you, in the window under "Point History" shows all applications in which your name appears.As hyperlinks can r
ead more stories to understand, looking for you or your namesake.For convenience, you can choose the form of the sort found stories - by the name or date of registration of the letter.With sorting by date, you will be able to see who is looking for you for a long time.
You can also take part in the search of others.To do this, you need to become a volunteer assistant.In the "Contact Us" link, click on "volunteers."There you will find detailed information.So you can be aware of people search by selecting the appropriate option for you cooperation.And, equally important, it would be easier not to miss application for finding yourself.