you need
  • - address one of the whois-service
find in your electronic mailbox menu "Advanced" or "more".This menu Seek submenu "Properties letters" or "working titles".Open this submenu.On the monitor, your computer will display information such as:
• Received: from mxfront35.mail.y **** ([])
• by mxfront35.mail.y ***** with LMTPid 1Wwatc4E
• for;Tue, 16 Aug 2011 13:01:32 +0400
• Received: from * ( * [])
• by mxfront35.mail. ***** (nwsmtp / Y *** x) with ESMTP id 1Vp4isW9;
• Tue, 16 Aug 2011 13:01:31 +0400
Copy the sequence of numbers separated by periods, after the word «from».(In this example, These figures - IP (ip) address of the computer from which you
will be given a letter .According to that IP address will be possible to determine the specific address of the sender or at least, its domain address.The fact that the IP address can be dynamic or static.Determine the exact address is possible only for static IP.According to the dynamic you will be able to find out just a region of the sender.
Go to the page of free service whois.Enter the digits of the IP address assigned to this field and click on the search button.Examine carefully the information.If sent you a letter not a spammer, you can see the name of the sending organization and possibly its exact coordinates.If not, then use the information on the sender's domain, for example:
• Domain Name: C ************** R.COM
• Administrative Contact:
• 12405 PowersCourt Drive
• Saint Louis,MO 63131
• US
• 314-965 - ****** 5
Call the contact numbers listed there and try to find out more information about the sender of the letter from the owner of the domain.