Mark the boat to be repaired.To do this, inflate boat and place it in the water, you will see where it is grass, strands of bubbles.Mark these places a marker or tape.
Make a patch.To do this, use the ready-made kits that are sold in stores.If this remnabora not available, it can be used to patch the tops of children's rubber boots.The main thing is to match the thickness of the patch material of construction of the boat.Cut a patch of a size that it covers the hole at least 3 cm on each side.Round the outline of the flap, it will prevent the edges of the gap from the surface of the boat.
Deal boat area where the patch is located, using fine sandpaper.The inner side of the patch is also carefully oshkurte, it will increase the level of adhesion of the surface with adhesive.Attach the patch to the sur
face of the boat, circle it.Watch, that was the hole exactly in the center draw the outline.This will properly place the patch adhered.
Degrease surface at holes or cracks with acetone or gasoline.Apply glue to the surface of the boat in the bonding.Use special adhesive for rubber products, such as 88NT.Leave on for 20 minutes, repeat the procedure.The surface patches are not smeared.Place the patch on the damaged area, while the second layer of the adhesive does not have time to dry, carefully press down.Move the rubber flap, so that the air bubbles out from under him.Put the patch on the cloth or cardboard, press down the press.Follow the instructions to the conditions with respect to the glue drying time.
use nylon thread for pre-mending large cracks and holes.Place the damaged part of the boat on a flat surface, gently lay the seams prihvatyvaya edges of the tear.Do not overtighten the thread and do not allow the edges of the layers to each other.Degrease and glue patch.