Social advertising is used to affect the conventional model of social behavior.Typically, the customer of such advertising is a state or non-profit organizations.Modern social advertising used to promote the rejection of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, environmental protection, traffic enforcement, etc.

history of social advertising

first social advertising appeared in 1906 in the US, where "American Civil Association" issued posters calling to protect the Niagara Falls from the harm caused by energy companies.

Social advertising can also be used to mobilize society.For example, in 1917 in the United States there was a poster with the "Uncle Sam", which urged people to join the ranks of the US Army.A similar within the meaning of the po
ster appeared in the 40s in the Soviet Union and was called "The Motherland Calls!".

Advertising as a humanizing factor

Social advertising can act as a factor shaping social norms, humanizing contemporary society.Unlike conventional advertising, it operates on a deep, philosophical level.Social advertising is aimed at the recognition of universal values, bringing people together.It is able to form the cultural basis of society, to form an ideology to promote national interests.

modern social advertising affects issues such as hunger and poverty in developing countries, the problem of illiteracy, protection of forests from fires, the use of child seats and safety belts in cars, taking care of the elderly, etc.

contests and festivals

now in different countries periodically competitions PSAs.The main annual event - a festival IAA Responsibility Awards, held the International Advertising Association.In Russia, too, regularly hosts special events aimed at promoting the social advertising.These include the National Competition "New Space of Russia", youth and students, regional festivals of social advertising.

problems of social advertising

Unfortunately, the Russian social advertising used very little.Despite tax incentives, it is less than one percent of the total Russian advertising market.

Another disadvantage of social advertising - the desire to bring the appeal to the viewer by means of rigid ways shocking video.For example, an advertising company Metro Melbourne, devoted to the problems of transport security, called "stupid way to die," and was a series of rollers, each of which heroes of the story died.