Formulate its claim.The statement should be clearly set out all irregularities that you are asking to eliminate.If you are threatened with dismissal, not handed out a labor contract or voluntarily extend time, select all the points of these offenses.If you are referring to additional documents such as an employment contract, or an explanatory note, remove them and attach a copy of the letter.
find out the address of labor inspection and the name of the head - that's it you address the statement.Ask who the inspectors in charge of your area - it may be necessary to phone you in the future.
Write statement.In the upper right corne
r, specify the destination - on labor inspection of the city and the name of the head.Enter your name and address.In a statement, summarize the essence of the problem.Write coherently and essentially based on the facts and not giving vent to emotions.Be sure to check that you are asking you to check the stated facts and take appropriate measures to address them.At the end of the letter, specify which documents you attached to the application date, and sign it.
If the situation for which you are complaining about, concerns the entire company - for example, disrupted the schedule of holidays or safety - you can specify that requests a test anonymously, without specifying exactly who complained.Your request is sure to be taken into account.
Go to the post office.Seal the application and copies of the documents in an envelope and send it by registered letter m with a return receipt.So you will know when the inspector will receive your statement.
complaint will be considered within a month.During this time, your employer will visit inspector checking.According to its results will be issued orders to correct deficiencies within a specified time.In case of violations by the Labour Inspectorate on his behalf may apply to the prosecutor's office.
Sending letter , do not throw away the receipt.It is possible that you'll need it - for example, by applying to the court.One and a half or two months in your name will a letter from the Labour Inspectorate, which will indicate that it is able to identify after verification.If necessary, you can contact your supervisor and clarify the details of the case.