Polls and tests conducted among pupils of different ages, show that today's children rather vaguely familiar with the history of the past years.Or they generally have little interest in history, or the poorly taught her.Some students find it difficult to remember the Russian Civil War was, because of which she even started, what are the most famous military leaders fought for either side.But of the times and in the manner associated with the name of IVStalin, as today's children know little.The political
system of the socialist era, a Pioneer and Komsomol organization of some children and almost nothing is known, although their parents were pioneers.
Great Patriotic War as an event of epic proportions and importance, which brought more death and destruction than the civil war, is known best for children.But here we must note with regret: knowledge of some students of this tragic and a great feat of our people is very superficial.The situation began several bug recently, with the strengthening of the military-patriotic propaganda and access many new films about the Great Patriotic War.
History of the Victory before the so-called "perestroika" started MSGorbachev, some children know quite well, as their parents and grandparents were direct witnesses of those times.Among the most significant events of the era, many of today's students confidently called UA flightGagarin into space, the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.Times also so-called "developed socialism", otherwise referred to as the "stagnation", known to children as a situation of general shortage, when the desired product could be obtained only by chance, an acquaintance, or stood in a huge queue.
about what appliances, equipment are made available to their parents (and even more so, and grandparents), modern students have only a vague idea.Now, not every house is preserved, for example, old fridge, TV or radio!Therefore, the current student come to genuinely astonished to learn that mothers and fathers when they were children, there was no computer, no cell phones, no players.Information about the situation in the country they were obtained by radio.Today's children do not know those games were played by their parents, because the street fun ousted computer technology.