economic situation in Greece

nearly six years in Greece there is a recession.By the end of 2013, the Greek economy shrank by almost 4%.Overall, since 2008, the economic downturn was 23%.However, international experts believe that the debt crisis in the country has passed the critical level.There is some hope that this 2014th year in Greece will have the first results showing growth.

And yet speak of a breakthrough in overcoming the protracted economic crisis in Greece is still too early.Contradictions in the Greek economy are resolved with great difficulty.The previous policy, which allowed citizens to count on solid support from the s
tate in the form of subsidies and higher pensions, now can not be implemented in full.Greeks have to tighten their belts tighter.

Over the past three and a half years, the country has received about 240 billion euros from European partners.One of the conditions of this aid was the commitment of Greece to enter at a tough program of budget savings.Plans were made and a timetable for these changes, but they are often violated.The reason has led to numerous protests, which struck reform.

reduction of pensions in Greece: a necessary measure

As measures under the program to reduce costs, the Greek Government has developed measures which are aimed at reducing pensions and social benefits, as well as an increase in taxes.These measures are forced nature and dictated by the requirements of the eurozone countries, which are interested to provide financial assistance to the Greek government was spent rationally.

reduction program expenditures of the state budget is particularly hard hit by those who live on a pension.For some categories of pensioners reducing the main articles of their income will be 9-10%.And those who enjoy the right to the highest pensions in the near future may lose up to 20% of their usual annual income.

Greek Government since 2012 busy designing a new pension program.Among the additional measures directly affecting the interests of pensioners, mentioned the increase of the retirement age.The state intends to cease to sponsor those who retire early, for example, police and military.These solutions lead to increased social tensions, but too few other levers of the state, can significantly reduce budgetary spending.