«Stadium Egyptian army" or the Borg El-Arab, was put into operation in 2006.It is the largest stadium in Egypt.It accommodates up to 86 000 spectators.Only one covered grandstand roof.The stadium is equipped with treadmills, and illuminate its four huge spotlight.
«Bung Karno Stadium" - a modern stadium, located in Dzhokarte, Indonesia.This stadium was built in 1962 and at the opening capacity of 100 800 spectators, repeatedly reconstructed.Currently holds 88,500 people.
legendary stadium "New Wembley" in London can accommodate 90 000 spectators.This stadium was opened in 2007.It was built on the site of the old "Wembley", which was demolished in 20
03.It is the second-capacity stadium in Europe.It is here that the national team of England football holds its home games.
stadium "Soccer City" is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.Its capacity - 91 141 people.Here in 2010 was the final match of the World Cup.At the time of the World Cup its capacity was reduced to 84,490 spectators.This was done in order to accommodate members of the press and guests of honor.
«Camp Nou" in Barcelona, ​​Spain.Capacity after reconstruction - 99 786 spectators.The largest number of fans at this legendary stadium was recorded in 1986, during a match between Barcelona and Juventus.Then attendance was a record 120,000 people.
stadium "Azadi", Tehran, Iran.It was built in 1971 and completely renovated in 2003. Capacity - 100 000 spectators.It is home ground for the Iranian national football team, as well as two local club teams.
stadium "Azteca" is located in the capital of Mexico.The largest attendance was recorded in 1968 - 120 000. Today, it accommodates about 105 000 spectators.This home stadium for Mexico's national team, as well as the capital's football club.
«Bukit Jalil National Stadium" is located in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia.In 2007, the stadium was one of the arenas of the Asian Cup, including a semi-final match.It is the largest stadium in Malaysia, it accommodates 110,000 spectators.This sports arena was built in 1998.
«Arena Indian youth" or "Salt Lake Stadium" - the largest multi-sport stadium, located in Bhidgannagare, about 7 km from Kolkata.Sports arena capacity of 120 000 spectators.The stadium was built in the shape of an ellipse.Uniform illumination makes it comfortable to hold sports competitions and in the dark.
«May Day Stadium" is the capital of North Korea - Pyongyang.It is the largest stadium in the world of spaciousness.Built in 1989 for the XIII Festival of Youth and Students.The special design of the stadium consists of sixteen arches that form a ring, so that the stadium resembles a magnolia flower.The main purpose of the stadium - a national holiday "Arirang".