To start think about it: that is most capable to bring you pleasure.Sometimes people just do not know what they really want, and therefore can not enjoy until the end of the case.Or are they in this respect does not follow its decisions, and the advice of friends, acquaintances, the rules of society, to how to have fun and how parents used to have fun.Of course, in this case the person is in conflict with their own principles and habits, and, therefore, to receive pleasure to the end can not.And this applies to all areas: recreation, hobbies, fun at work, alone with your loved one.

Try new

If you decide to favorite things at once does not work, will experience and practice.We need to take a few variants of the most pleasant of cases and try them one by one.When there are several options, usually i
t is easier to choose what works best, and in what direction to go.Even if some of the activities provided you do not find your perfect option, which brings the greatest pleasure, you will already be able to understand in which direction to look further, and that is not worth trying.Just trying each time new kinds of hobbies or recreational erred in rejecting the wrong and re-Being accepted to search, you can understand what business brings a real pleasure.

Be original

odnin Another way to get a new pleasant feelings is to try the usual fun in a new form.If we are talking about relations with a man, try to diversify the usual way: organize an unusual appointment, let it be full of romance, or, on the contrary, the passion - depending on what is more unusual for you.Surprise a loved one, allow yourself to new forms of lovemaking.If it's a hobby, get them in unusual circumstances, such as in nature.If it is about the rest, go to the other part of the world or at least in a place near your residence area where you have not been.Bring new in the familiar pleasure, and they began to play with new colors.

Do not think about the problems

For fun you need to relax.The stress is impossible to enjoy life.Therefore, it is not necessary during the holidays to think about work, pending cases or emergency delivery of the project.Convince yourself that at this point you still can not do things, but because it is better to direct attention to the enjoyment of the selected activity.For more relaxation, and depending on the form of pleasure can turn off office phone, take a little bit of alcohol to make a fragrant bath or a massage.