new dating - it's goodbye

new dating word derived from the English «Dating», which translates to mean date or go on dates.Under this can be understood as the process of regular meetings with the opposite sex in general, and purposeful contact with a specific person.About the second case we say that "the people there."

Russian translation of the English lose value indicating the length of the process.Yet the English-speaking people are more likely to involve a new dating is the process of communicating with each other couples that lasts as long as people begin to live together.Then "the new dating" ends, there is a young family or a couple.

In Russia, a similar process occurs when a pair of generally perceived somewhat differently.Lovers can not live under the same roof, but usually the fact that they occur, imposes certain obligations on the
m.In the English-dating sites that do not have value.Partners, in fact, have no obligations to each other, as they are free to meet with other people.Usually, the fact that travelers are prescribed only to each other, agreed on separately, and not implied.

In Russia, on the contrary, if you want to be honest to meet with several partners (even if it is only at the "candy-buketnogo period"), all of them should be warned about this, otherwise you will actually deceive these people, acting contrary to generally accepted norms.

the west, the fact that the young man pays the bill a girl on a date, usually means that it accepts his advances.In Russia, the young man pays the bill, even if the girl is not going to give him a chance.

Speed-new dating

This is also the Western tradition, which, nevertheless, take root in Russia.New dating-Speed ​​(Speed ​​dating, quick goodbye) - a format dating evening for many people at once, when the couple have a few minutes to introduce themselves, and if they like each other, arrange a meeting or exchange contacts.Sometimes participants are asked to evaluate the partners in the questionnaire, and if two people reported liking, they send contact each other.

Speed-new dating was invented in Los Angeles in 1998, and quickly gained popularity as a revolutionary fast way to find a permanent partner for those who do not have time to go on dates.

deitingen - dating

In Russia, called the practice of creating new dating dating sites through which webmasters eager to earn.It's quite a lucrative form of online business, the money in which the creators of the sites get, giving users additional services for money.For example, it may be paid to promote the questionnaire.