EXPO 2012 opened in the South Korean city of Yeosu on May 12 it will last until August 12.About 250 thousand square meters have been allocated under the exposure of more than 100 countries and organizations.The theme of this exhibition, which bears the name of "The Living Ocean and Coast," is to protect the sea and its natural resources, the careful use of the world's oceans and coastal areas, oceanic discoveries.

Russian exposition at EXPO 2012 is dedicated to the cradle of all life on earth - the ocean and disturbing people's minds the mysteries, legends, myths and fairy tales.Logo of the Russian exposition is in the form of a cube of
water - a small part of the ocean.It is designed to attract people's attention to environmental issues and to emphasize the value of ocean water resources of the planet.In addition, the cube, and expresses one of the main ideas of the exhibition - the ocean unites all people and they must take care of it.

symbol of the Russian exposition is selected polar bear, who is revered in the culture of northern people as a symbol of purity of thought.Sweet smile of a mascot is not indifferent to visitors of the Russian pavilion.

motto of Russia at Expo 2012: "The ocean and the people - the way from the past to the future."The concept of "the way" in South Korea has a philosophical and ethical significance, and is a system of cultural and moral norms, which develop man and society.Identifying this "way", the Russian exposition is conditionally divided into three areas: knowledge, use and conservation of cultural heritage.These areas reflect the progress in cooperation of people and the world's oceans, from the opening - to the study, from the study - to be used, the use of - to preserve.

In the area of ​​knowledge of the exposition visitors will learn about Russia, the history of the world ocean research and development of the Northern Sea Route, the great Russian explorers and navigators, deep-sea manned submersibles "Mir", remote sensing of the ocean and its role in the life and economy of Russia.

In the second zone the tourists told about the study and development of ocean resources, the monitoring of the environmental situation, which is carried out from space, the prediction of dangerous natural phenomena, alternative and nuclear power, modern equipment and equipment for work under water.

the harmonious interaction of the ocean and human development in the Russian nature reserves with protected waters, coastal culture, people, sea sports, recreation and many other guests and talk show in the third zone of the Russian exposition EXPO 2012.

With the latest projection shows, the audience of the Russian exposition can dive into the depths of the most incredible and impressive video and sound images, is perceived as the most incredible attraction.Due to the effect of the presence of the guests have the opportunity to "visit" in Vladivostok, on the polar base in Arctic waters, etc.In the "Digital Library" guests get acquainted with holographic intelligent systems that "communicate" with the readers on a new level.Each visitor can try out a guide in the form of a cube that does not need to scroll, and rotate in cyberspace and find all necessary information.

Also impressive Russian exposition, Expo visitors every day have the opportunity to see a lot of concerts, performances, and laser light shows, fireworks.And not for nothing known guide "Lonely Planet" recommends a trip to the Expo travel among those who "need to commit in 2012".