Cemeteries, by the very nature of

in human history the sea has absorbed a lot of ships.These ships are at the bottom of the seas and oceans, in salt water preserved for future generations of archaeologists.In the most dangerous areas of the court are just layers: above ancient triremes can find Viking boat, on medieval ships - frigates, on frigates - steel housing of modern military and commercial ships.

One of the most significant places of the Atlantic - Goodwin grounded, located at the south-east coast of Britain.These underwater sand banks are described in many literary works.Score human sacrifices sea shoals Goodwin, the tens of thousands.Ships co
uld not avoid the rocks because of the fact that the sand is constantly moving, but also because of the fog and strong currents.

graveyard of ships in Chittagong

One of the world's largest centers for scrapping of ships in Bangladesh is located in the city of Chittagong.The staff of this center comes up to 200 000 people.However, the exact number nobody knows, employees come and go as they please, to receive payment for work performed.The need to build such a cemetery in one of the developing countries emerged after World War II, when the world has accumulated a large number of ships in need of disposal.In Europe, manpower is expensive, so it was decided to build a cemetery in Bangladesh.

History Centre for scrapping of ships in Chittagong began in the 60s of the last century.Then, off the coast of stranded ship was Greek MD-Alpine.Attempts to float the ship failed, and the ship left to rust in the open air.However, local residents did not let him completely rust and quickly dismantled the ship into pieces and sold to scrap metal.

appeared that disassemble ships can profitably.The fact that the price of scrap in Bangladesh has always been quite high, so all the work pays off.Unskilled labor cost much, and the metal is expensive - that's the catch.On a decent wage, no one thought about the security measures too: every week at the company at least one person died.

Government intervened in the situation and introduced safety standards for workers.As a result of the government labor has become more expensive, the cost of disposal of the ships has increased, and the business went into decline.However, the cemetery in Chittagong operates to this day, it is disposed of about half of decommissioned ships worldwide.