Ratmir Shishkov Yul'evich was born in Moscow on April 24, 1988.His relatives - the representatives of the famous gypsy dynasty Pearl.Mother Ratmir is a famous singer and musician Lala Shishkov, but because since childhood dear boy turned out to be associated with concert activity.School boy tossed in the sixth grade, because, according to his confession, life had to be completely different."That's not mine.All that I can do - singing and rapping, "- stressed young man in a media interview.
Being a dreamer, Ratmir dreamed of working in the theater "Romen", where they found his calling many of his friends and relatives.But in 2004, one of the partners decided to make a joke and offered young talent to try
his hand at "Star Factory".Ratmir listened - and "hit" because his talent was fascinated by the whole team.
On the popular project of the First Channel, he came as a sixteen year old boy, but then it became apparent just how purposeful and multi-faceted personality of a guy.His poems, unlike many of our colleagues, turned rap, though in pop genre young man showed himself freely.A striking evidence of the songs were made - hit Igor Nikolaev "Dolphin and Mermaid" performed a duet with Ratmir Christina Aguilera hit Alla Pugacheva, "I'm not jealous of you," to sing with a group "Cream", "Au" to "brilliant" ... Roma Ratmir audience remembers at first sight - and for all.However, the show did not last long the young man, but became part of the "gang" formed together with Nastya Kochetkova, Dominique Joker and Timothy.
Death Star Russian R'n'B Ratmir Shishkov in a car accident at the takeoff career came as a shock to all his friends and fans.On the night of March 22, 2007 "Mercedes", which were the musician and his friends, at the intersection of Garden and Savior Orlikov street and alley in Moscow, collided with a car brand Volkswagen Touareg.The blow gas tank explosion occurred, five passengers of "Mercedes" died on the spot.Two hours after the death of Ratmir Shishkov had a daughter, Stephanie.
Ratmir Shishkov memory is perpetuated in social networks, fans have created many groups and communities associated with the name of the musician.But the only official Russian R'n'B-group - "gang" - after the death of Shishkov ceased to exist.