There are many theories of man's belonging to a particular stratum.But underlying all of them are about the same criteria: economic, political, and professional.Economically dependent on the place of the person in the results of the distribution of social income.Political matter what the individual's access to the resources of power, what is its impact on political decision-making.Professional depend, first, on the contribution of human social product, the importance of his profession to society;and secondly on the intellectual level, which is necessary to perform a particular type of professional activity.

On this basis, in today's society is divided into three main layers
: the upper, middle and lower.But by themselves, these layers are not uniform.They emit more individual scientists and undercoats.

In order to better understand what determines the social stratification in modern society, more focus on the criteria of modern sociology.The main criteria for it are: income, wealth, power, education and prestige.

income person is determined by the amount of the proceeds of new economic resources within a certain period of time.Income may be in the form of wages, income from the rent contract, social benefits, income from the results of intellectual work, creativity (fees), etc.

Wealth determined by the amount of accumulated income of the individual.It may depend directly on income, if there are no other sources in the form of inherited or as a gift.Accrued income may be in the form of cash (both real and virtual) and reified form of money, in the form of movable and immovable property.

power level is determined by a person, the number of people over which it can influence.This amount may vary from only the man himself, his family, to the whole enterprise, or even the state.

level of education is determined by what kind of education a person has received: the average overall.initial vocational, secondary vocational, higher education, post-graduate.But it is necessary to recognize another fact.Education level also depends on the intellectual abilities of the individual.And in some cases, even on the level of income, wealth.In addition, the level of education itself has not always determines the level of education.

Prestige determined attitude of the society to the place occupied by a person in a certain social class.As well as his professional affiliation, income level, education level.

To sum up, you can draw the following conclusion.All of these criteria can not uniquely identify a person belonging to a particular stratum.For example, an old man, a noble family, having a great income, wealth, may not have post-graduate education, maybe even the unemployed.A person who has a degree, a prestigious job, may have a relatively low income.And these are very real to the paradoxes of contemporary Russian society.