And Russian-speaking and English-language magazine Forbes used a similar method of calculation.As with any rating, with the introduction of settlements in the list of best cities for business to consider several factors.

to start is considered an indicator such as population.The more people who live in the city, the greater the potential market for the product.At the same time, this criterion can be considered less significant than the others.For business-oriented than private consumers, and companies and corporations, the number of residents in the village is of secondary importance.

second important factor - it's human resources.This evidence may be correlated with the total number of inhabitants only indirectly.For example, the densely populated cities of South-East Asia is very poor skilled workforce.The ratio of the labor force acco
unted for the number of able-bodied citizens, their level of education and skills.

further evaluated the possibility of seeking funding for a business.This is a complex indicator.It takes into account the banking system development, providing services to legal entities, as well as the state of the local currency and the availability of capital from investors.

influence of the state is taken into account in two ways - in the tax policy and the position of city administrations in relation to the businessmen.

And completing the list of factors the state of the city's infrastructure, especially roads and communication lines.After all, without the normal development of this sphere of any trade and production will be difficult.

For each point in the analysis is assigned to the city a few points.Take into account that it is quite subjective process.Once indicators are summed up, and readers are ranking the best cities to do business in the world or in a particular country.