in late 2013. An outstanding Russian arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov.He was 94 years old.During his long life this man has made an invaluable contribution to increasing the defense of their country.

childhood and youth of the great designer

Mikhail Kalashnikov was born with the village Kurevskogo Kuria district of the Altai region in a large peasant family.The parents, he was the seventeenth child.

When Michael was 11 years old, his family dispossessed and exiled to Kazakhstan.There, after graduating from 9th grade, he joined the student in the railway workshops.A year later he was transferred to work at the Alma-Ata technical secretary of the Turkestan-Siberian railway.

Ability to inventions from the young Kalashniko
v first appeared on the service in the army in the Western Ukraine.

His first invention of an army - the inertial counter accounting shots from a tank gun.Then he created a device for TT pistol, which allows to deliver fire from a tank inspection slots.Finally, he invented a device resource accounting Tank Engine.

latest invention turned his attention to the commander of the South-Western Military District, General Georgy Zhukov and sent to the Leningrad Kalashnikov tank factory for the introduction of this new device in the mechanical production.

Immediately after the war, Mikhail Kalashnikov got to the front, where he served as a tank commander.In autumn 1941 his tank was destroyed, and he was seriously wounded and shell-shocked.The hospital had long-term treatment.It was there that Kalashnikov came the idea of ​​creating a fundamentally new submachine gun.

Create Kalashnikov

first sample of his sub-machine gun Kalashnikov made in the workshops of the railway depot at the station Tuija in Kazakhstan, where he arrived in a six-month leave of absence for health reasons.Second - in the workshops of the Moscow Aviation Institute.Immediately after the production of the prototype was shipped to the test in the Artillery Academy, as well as in Moscow to the experts of the Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army.

design of the Kalashnikov submachine gun has been praised all professionals.But the production of the complexity of the design was not accepted.But he Mikhail Kalashnikov was assigned to active military service in the Central Research polygon Main Artillery Directorate.

During World War II, all the armies of the belligerent countries were adopted by the sub-machine guns.It was a good melee weapon.But they had a significant drawback.Firing bullets caliber pistol, sub-machine guns Carbines seriously inferior in range and accuracy of fire.Before Kalashnikov has been tasked to create an automatic weapon, firing bullets of 7.62 mm.

And in 1947 Kalashnikov successfully complete the task.Its development machine won a competition test, and after 2 years was launched into production.

following years Michael T. lived in Izhevsk.He worked at the plant "Izhmash" produces Kalashnikovs.There, he headed the design department to improve its terrible offspring.This work he continued until his death.