Those who are not yet ready to go abroad, there is a wide choice of foreign language courses.Only the courses help very little.In addition to the courses must be constantly with someone to chat, read a book in a foreign language.

Accordingly, in order to quickly learn English, should be developed for itself a permanent practice.The most important thing to organize all stages of learning that it was a pleasure.There are several effective ways in which you can learn a foreign language.

1. The constant reading of the literature.If you're just starting to learn English, not immediately start reading any book.It should take some simple book, for example, a fairy tale.

You can buy a handheld, to put an electronic dictionary and study the books in electronic form.This form will greatly simplify the process of reading, because you do not have to search long time not clear word in an ordinary dictionary.

2. Movies.It should begin to review the English-language movies.Please watch movies with subtitles.For example, a variety of TV shows look better than the original.

3. Educational programs.View news channels also help in learning a foreign language.It should include the channel like VVC, and let him go in the background.Over time, your subconscious mind will remember the English language, while you are doing daily activities.

4. Global Network.Click to read English sites.Pick up a few English-language blogs and read them constantly.

5. English courses.Not worth much to hope for all kinds of English courses.If you do decide to go to them, then pick up these courses, which will be an English teacher.

6. Constant communication.It is mandatory to communicate with people, fluent in English - native speakers.You can explore a large number of books and review all the movies in a foreign language, but it does not help you get to speak fluent English.So, if you attend a course, you need to make friends with his teacher.