realization of the idea of ​​creating a monument to Steve Jobs involved in fund "Progress of IT."It is created by a group of companies united in the "Western European fiscal union" with its headquarters in St. Petersburg.These companies are doing business mainly in the North-West region of Russia, and the fund "IT Progress" was created to promote their business in the field of information technology and attract the attention of young people to the profession of IT-specialists in this area.Therefore, a monument to Steve Jobs, one of the most successful pioneers of commercial IT-projects, and became one of the first projects of this fund.A regional focus parent company determine the installation of a monument - it s
hould be Saint Petersburg.In addition, according to representatives of the Fund, namely the northern capital is the center of information technology of the country.The reasons for this assessment, of course.Besides the fact that the St. Petersburg students regularly brought into the country from international competitions reward programmers in this city created and implemented a social network "VKontakte" - domestic analogue Facebook.

Curiously, a similar idea in this year came up with the students of Odessa and was supported by the city authorities.If the creators of the monument to St. Petersburg is only a contest for the best idea, Odessans already know how to look their six-foot memorial and where it will be installed.

interest of young people to the person of Steve Jobs attracted not so much commercial success - it can perhaps be regarded as a concentrated expression of the students in its modern sense.In the life of Steve, the son abandoned the child of foreign students in the US, there were school failure, which, thanks to only one talented teachers were transformed in the early translation into two classes up.There were clandestine manufacture of hacking devices, and psychedelic hippie commune, the fascination with the journey of Buddhism in India, work in developing IT-companies Atari and Hewlett-Packard.And only then (April 1, 1976) began the history of Apple Computer, which Steve Jobs came and went twice and both times made it a world leader in the field of information technology.