for industrial purposes and the convenience of the people

history of the birth of the railway transport refers to the time when people have created a need for transport of goods.In the 16th century a railroad track.However, then it was wooden, but for its time, was a breakthrough, because now it became easier to transport goods on the ground.Previously, it seemed possible only by water.Interestingly, at a time when there was no locomotive, rail transport operated horse-drawn.

replaced wooden rails came from cast iron.They were first used for industrial purposes in the UK.First, the railway line was wide.In Russia in the 18th century there was the first narrow-gauge railway length of 160 meters.At this time, there are already thinking about what railways can link remote regions of the country's economic center.For Russia, wi
th its boundless territories it was could not be true.

In general, in Russia the active use of narrow-gauge railway to transport goods and passengers delivery continued until the late 19th century.Then, with the collapse of czarist Russia the construction of railways in the country almost came to nothing, the revival of this type of transport happened after the war.In Russia, a road full of narrow gauge came in 1861 on the stretch of Upper-station Livny, in Oryol region.It was the beginning of construction of narrow-gauge expensive nationwide.However, by the early 20th century, is already laying railroads standard gauge.

gained fame in the field of railways

It is said that at this time there is an active development of the network of railways in Western Europe and in America.Related to this is the emergence of the first subway in London in 1860.In the world began "railway fever."

in the history of railway transport engineers are known as the Scotsman James Watt, who worked on the improvement of the steam engine, George Stephenson, who worked in England on the creation of a steam locomotive.It was his model became the prototype of the modern engine.Stephenson The plant produced the first steam-powered locomotives in the "Globe" and "Planet".In Russia, the known names of the brothers, and Yefim Miron Cherepanov, is the designer of the first Russian locomotive.

Gottlieb Daimler built the first internal combustion engine.This invention gained popularity and subsequently used in the German city tram.