names of famous people often remain in history, becoming a household name.They are part of the different idioms: phraseology, proverbs and aphorisms.But sometimes the obvious, it would seem, the association with a particular person are without any basis but only by coincidence relate to each other.

Why go Gogol?

Surname writer known to all, but few know that Gogol as well - is a breed of wild duck.For the Birds in this family are characterized by a certain gait, which formed the basis phraseologism.When the ducks are on the ground, then walk very slowly, waddling.At the same time they fill up your head back and stick out his chest.

It looks as if the bird really puts on airs, proudly pacing along the shore.It is this maj
estic gait led to the fact that the phrase "walking by Gogol 'was applied to people whose way of walking gait is visually similar to Gogol.In most cases we are talking about those who turn up their noses and looking down at all, defiantly showing their superiority.

So can be said about any dressed dandy, because the male duck, goldeneye extremely beautiful, its plumage is called parade.The male of this kind of black-and-white robes, flanked by a large black head - coin-round spots.It looks very bright and catchy.

Therefore, this expression can not have any relation to the writer Gogol, not only because we are talking about a duck - a well-known writer, according to contemporaries, was a model of humility, even shyness.

Gogol ordinary

Wild Gogol - a very peculiar bird.This is one of the few ducks that prefer to nest in the reeds are not closer to the water, and nest in trees.And their home is at a height of 10 meters.They live either in a hollow tree or in special birdhouse-gogolyatnyah that equip people for them.At the same time the proximity of a pond for them not fundamental - the main thing that it was hollow.

hatched from eggs, ducklings jump out of his hiding place to the ground and ran to the water sent after her mother.It goes further, and the lives of these diving ducks.

By the way, the famous dessert eggnog to the great writer and has nothing to do - he did not invent it.The name comes from the English dessert hoogle-mugger, which means "hodgepodge."