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  • textbook on the history of the Bible.
Death in a primitive society.It is in the primitive society, the death does not separate himself from life, it did not stand in the value of the end or the beginning.It was a trait that crossed, a person falls into the afterlife.Ideas about the afterlife included the vision of the same world as before death, where a person conducts similar activities on the same basis as public relations, but in a different space.Of course, talking about death as the end of life in this context, is not necessary.
individual was considered a death like his exile from the community.That is, death is not considered a physical cessation of existence, and social.The usual, physical death is the transition to the other world, as well as the continuation of life - both dead and the entire community.
Death in more developed societies.Individual death as a subject of special attention has been regarded by society during the development of commodity production.Everything has changed, because now individuals are separated and opposed, and personal, individual lives have been considered outside the community.The man was not just a part of a group of people like him, and the individual with a set of feelings, personal feelings, relationships with other people, special events, etc.In connection with this particular person, physical death was seen as the end of its existence, since the life of the community, even indirectly, is no longer an extension of the life of the deceased.During this period, there is the fear of death and the desire to commit suicide.
Return primitive judgments of death as a moment of life brings a religion in which death is more important than life.If we talk about Christianity, it is the death of a cult symbol, which must strive every Christian believer.Death is considered to be a deliverance from life's suffering and deprivation.Each sulitsya Judgment, in which people receive a "deserved" a life lived.Life beyond death has been going on in a new way - without social inequality, labor and other concerns and burdens of public life.Underworld becomes the world get rid of the shortcomings of life.Thus, death is not only a logical continuation of existence, but also the object to which tend to come with some baggage acts committed during life.In addition, death acquires meaning only justification of life.This suicide is considered a major sin, whereas religion obliges each "carry his cross."