According to contemporaries, Sigmund Freud, like most great scientists, was an extraordinary personality.Some considered him a charlatan common, but most people still converge on the idea that Freud - a genius of medicine, which has no equal.In order to try to understand what is really was this man, you can remember some of the interesting facts of his life.

Fear of numbers and phenomenal memory

One of the most famous oddities founder of psychoanalysis was his fear of numbers 6 and 2. For example, scientists prefer to never settle in the hotel, where the number of rooms exceeds the number of 61 to inadvertently be in the apartmentat number 62. He was afr
aid of Freud and calendar dates associated with the evil fruit figures, and for any reason did not want to leave home on February 6.

Sigmund Freud had a phenomenal memory, since coached her since childhood, remembering the vast amount of information contained in hundreds of books he had read.Now it is known that the scientist owned a dozen languages, including English, German, Italian, Hebrew and others.

What good in discussions, if it should be clear who is the smartest?

Sigmund Freud has always had a reputation as a person who trusts only his opinion and did not attach importance to the opinion of others.It may be added that the famous scientist was extremely picky about his interlocutors and made them listen to their sayings extremely carefully.

The same can be said about the relationship of Freud with his wife.On the basis of an unwritten rule that prevailed in the house of the scientist, even Frau Freud never had to contradict him.Moreover, in the daily responsibilities of spouses included unquestioning execution of all, sometimes even the strangest requests luminary of medical science.

Contact ancient

Sigmund Freud was addicted to everything that is somehow related to the history of ancient Egypt, so often "traveled" through Europe in search of some artifact.Now many biographers of scientists believe that it is in the manuscripts, which were born thousands of years ago, Sigmund Freud drew his inspiration.

This statement is not based on the evidence from scratch and this is the ancient treatise found in the XX century.The ideas expressed in the pages of an ancient document, as it later turned out to have much in common with the works of Austrian scientist.