Early career

little boy, born in a family farmer of the English county of Devonshire in 1540 since the childhood dreamed of fame and dangerous voyages.As soon as he turned 13, he was against the will of parents hired a cabin boy on a sailing sudenyschko.Very soon, to show their best side Francis Drake gets the post mate.For 18 years, collecting a small capital, he buys a small boat, intending to earn on shipping, but it does not bring him much income.In those days, only the slave trade and piracy were given huge profits.

In 1567 Francis Drake as the commander of
a sailboat, a member of the flotilla distant cousin, traveled to the coast of Africa for slaves.The next point on his map was the West Indies, where seafarers ran the grips of the rich Spanish ships.It was there that the young Francis Drake was a great experience robberies and attacks on merchant ships.On his return to England about him spread the glory of how capable and successful captain.

discoverer of new lands

Already in November 1577 under the command of Francis Drake left Plymouth expedition of five ships toward the coast of America.The main purpose of travel was not only piracy, but the conquest of new territories for England.According to historians, Queen Elizabeth personally blessed this campaign and gave gifts team.

Passing the Strait of Magellan, the fleet headed by Drake walked ship Pelican, moved south.The captain, without realizing it, has made an important discovery.During the voyage proved that Tierra del Fuego is the largest island, beyond which lies the open ocean, and not part of the continent.Now the strait between South America and Antarctica is named after him.

little later Flotilla Drake passed along the coast of America, swim much further than the Spaniards.In early summer, the ships moored to the shore to replenish stocks of food and water.So we opened the vicinity of the modern city of San Francisco and immediately declared the property of the Queen of England.


After returning from this campaign Francis Drake awaited unfading glory and knighthood.In addition, he was appointed mayor of Plymouth and entrusted to lead the inspector's commission when the queen, who was engaged in regular inspections of ships of Navy Britain.Later, Francis Drake became an honorary member of the House of Commons.