Anatoly Wasserman - who is he?

Anatoly Wasserman was born in the glorious city of Odessa in 1952.From a young age he was fascinated by the humanities and programmistikoy.After graduation, tech refrigeration industry in his hometown, Anatoly worked as a programmer in one of undistinguished Research Institute of Odessa.

In the 90s of the last century began a journalistic way of Wasserman.Preference he gave journalism in numerous online journals, where he met with members of the club "What?Where?When? "And he became a political consultant to one of the teams.

Participation in various intellectual projects, quizzes and games, an analytical mind, a fanatical commitment to Stalinism and Marxism, the willingness to argue always, everywhere and with everyone, sharp tongue and sle
eveless shirt - that was popularized factors for this little funny but very cleverhuman.

The famous Anatoly Wasserman

first, though not in public, but it is known, came to Anatoly Wasserman thanks to his biting and extraordinary statements in the publications on the Internet.His articles on the world order and the policy of attracting the attention of readers more than a dozen years.

see firsthand the hero Runet Russians and Ukrainians were able for the first time in TV, with its extraordinary appearance and a vest with lots of pockets, which weighs more than 7 kg, caused him even more interest.

Art kindling interest and promotion of his person this man speaks perfect - even the fact that he is a confirmed bachelor and a virgin, Anatoly uses both his card and positions, even promotes, as its advantages and benefits to society.

remarkable and his 15 wins in the TV quiz "Custom Game", in fact - to beat his record did not manage any of its members.According to media reports and his own statements, his IQ is not less than 140 units.After his triumph Anatoly led and is leading several analytical programs on TV.

main credo Anatoly Wasserman

Wasserman main principle - to perceive criticism and did not take offense at the jokes and anecdotes about himself.And he is willing not only to share with buddies, and with the TV screen, too, with new jokes and anecdotes about himself, but also to discuss them.

Anatoly not prevaricate nor to the viewer or the reader and gives his thoughts clear.He believes that the elderly can not pay pensions.He did not accept restrictions on sexual activity, although it is virgin.He is absolutely convinced that God does not exist.And how are his statements and his world around, it does not excite.