Remember, the numbers you out of any duty or penalty.If you are sure that there is no debt, you have nothing to fear: feel free to buy a ticket to a foreign country.But those formalized as a legal entity, the memory will not help: in any case, it is better to find out the details.Here the question may arise: "Let there for border the presence of unpaid fines for road violations?".In fact, hardly anyone remembers how many times in the past ten years (for such period granted rights) he violated the rules of the road.Remember that the presence of such unpaid fine shall not be grounds for a ban on travel abroad, and all the actions of the Federal Border Service, which are aimed at creating obstacles to travel, are illegal.
If you have a computer
at home, you can check whether you have a debt, directly on the Internet, online.Open site Marshals Service, and then go to "Information about the debt."Enter all necessary data and find out whether you have restrictions on travel abroad .It should be noted that now this service shall work in test mode and are not always able to give reliable results.
Refer to the territorial body of the Federal Bailiff Service at the place of your permanent residence, as this is the surest way to determine the presence or absence of restrictions on travel abroad .For this procedure, you should bring only a passport.The bailiff when you introduce passport data into the computer, and within minutes you will know whether there is a duty on you.
pay all arrears at the box office of the Savings Bank.If you refer to the authority of the Federal Bailiff Service immediately, the payment can be made there.Note: you paid the debts will be officially settled only after a week, so get ready to travel abroad for advance.