For the Japanese cherry blossom is a national holiday.Forecasters advance up the forecast expected timing of flowering.Television and radio in their news reports about the beginning of flowering in each district and the most famous parks.At the same time, and be sure to list the number of tree species.

The period witnessed a solemn ritual and khans - admiring sakura flowers.In ancient times on the ground under the trees took their seats by representatives of all classes - the aristocrats, samurai and peasants.At the enterprises of modern Japan, specially selected day when the whole team goes to the park to admire the gentle sakura flowers.It is believed that the cherry blossoms gives its gue
sts with wisdom and divine beauty.

special occasions considered nighttime hanami, where soft light small lanterns hanging under the canopy of trees and lights high lights turn the gardens of cherry blossoms in a truly paradise gardens - quiet, warm and divinely beautiful.

history of ancient holidays is usually associated with the mythology.Cherry blossom is dedicated to one of the most tragic Japanese legends.Once one of the Japanese villages are at the mercy of cruel prince Hotta, by order of that for the slightest disobedience, tortured, not only farmers, but also their family members.Wanting to stop the atrocities Hotta, the foreman of the village by the name of Sakura (Japanese word "Sakura" - masculine), showed shogun Forge-Scarred whips the backs of their children.

Shocked governor gave orders to punish Hotta.But Hotta not forgive wrongs he grabbed Sakura with children, tied them to a tree and flogged to death.When the next spring blossomed cherry blossoms, usually had white people dumbfounded.Flowers began to pink, as if they were stained with the blood of innocent children.

Unfortunately, the cherry blossom is short-lived: it lasts just over a week.Therefore, it is considered a symbol of the transience of flowers of life.Some Japanese, wanting to prolong the favorite holiday, follow the cherry blossoms from city to city.If you go for it from the beginning of flowering in the south to the last petal falling off to the north, you can enjoy it for a month.Interestingly, on the branches of sakura flowers first appear, and only after they fall off, dissolved leaves.Therefore flowering tree is entirely in white or pink flowers.

Since ancient times, Sakura is a source of inspiration for poets and artists.Of no less interest is shown to her and modern breeders.Today, in Japan there are more than 300 varieties of cherry, many of which are created by crossing a long-known varieties.