According to information published on the site of RBC, organizer of the protest movement was Let's bike it !.Participants of the action does not seek to organize the race, since the purpose of the event was to open the eyes of the officials appointed, and the lack of long bicycle paths in Moscow.There are several reasons.Firstly, the bike - an environmentally friendly mode of transport, and second, the possibility of advanced models enable faster to overcome the distance that makes bicycles irreplaceable in terms of traffic jams.
May veloparad started at 16.00 Moscow time, and stretches along several embankments of the Moscow River.It used a variety of models of bicycles: road racing, mountain, urban, folding, etc.Furthermore ordinary citizens participated in
the action and a few dozen employees of state structures.Among them were those officials who do not deny that in Moscow cycling infrastructure is poorly developed.
By the way, in many European cities, the bicycle is the top priority of transport, for example, in Amsterdam, where about 40% of residents commute to work in this type of transport.Keep up Copenhagen Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, etc.In these cities, the priority is health, clean environment, and also saved time and money on travel.
According to a survey conducted by the RIA Novosti news agency, nearly one in three respondents from more than a thousand people expressed a desire to ride a bike to work or school in the case if it will be equipped with special paths and ramps.And when you consider that in 2012 in the Central Administrative District of Moscow was declared a year of cycling, it is hoped that the views of fans environmentally friendly mode of transport will be considered and implemented.