Despite the fact that the institution of the family in Russia and abroad for various reasons, is currently experiencing a serious crisis, the family continues to play a very important role in the life of any society, in fact,It is its stronghold.
Family performs several important functions, without which society is simply not capable of normal existence.First, reproduction.Although the time when the birth of an illegitimate child was considered scandalous and cast a stain on his mother and her parents were in the past, most of the children are still born from the people involved marital ties.That is, thanks to the families, the reproduction of the population, the society continues to exist.
Most sociologists, psychologists, doctors and other experts say that family education, the influence of his father and mother, more fully, often contributes to a healthy and harmonious development of the child, rather than in cases where children are brought up inpublic or private institutions.Of course, there are exceptions, but they do not change the overall picture.
It is in the family of the child receives the necessary social skills, behavior, forms a system of values, find out from the adults, repeating the words of the famous poet, "that is - well, what is - bad."In the family circle, from mothers and fathers and other adult relatives, he learns about the country, its history, heroic and tragic pages of the past.It promotes the formation of patriotism among the younger Russian citizen.
family life with its common concerns, troubles, holidays, teaches all its members - both adults and children - to the mutual understanding, respect, a willingness to reasonably limit their own desires, needs for the common good.And this is very important.After all, exactly the same demands are made to society for every citizen.If the whole society (or at least most of it) consisted of a selfish, concerned only with the execution of their own desires and are indifferent to the needs and problems of others, his fate would be unenviable.
In a family where education is carried out correctly, the child from an early age to attach to labor, feasible help around the house, respect for elders, compassion.And this, again, is for the benefit of society as a whole.Thus, it is easy to conclude that the stronger every single family, the stronger and society.