terms of kinship East Slavic origin formed on the background of relations between Old Church Slavonic, Baltic, Germanic and Indo-European tribes in the chronological layers.

In the course of history need certain types of kinship disappeared.The brother of the father (stryj - Stryi) and the mother's brother (uj-vuy) became known as a generic term - uncle.

Classification kinship

In determining the use of the concept of relationship degree - communication by birth, the degrees of relationship - a line from the origin of the bonds of one degree - the knee.

concept of the genus includes the ascending line - leading to the ancestors, descending - children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and side - sisters, brothers.

Family relationships are blood peculiar (by marriage) and friends (unrelated).

Blood relations

Blood relationship - the most clear and not cause confusion.

child has a mother and father, brothers and sisters.Parents are called father and mother equally grandparents (the grandmother), the continuation of the uplink is completed by the prefix right.With respect to the children are called grandfathers grandsons, descending with the prefix "great."

Brothers and sisters, the parents called the uncle and aunt, their children and cousins.

Cousins ​​parents called uncles and aunts, cousins ​​explanation does not apply in the home, their children are called second cousins ​​and sisters.

Traditionally coming from the pre-revolutionary society, all the brothers and sisters that do not belong to the first-degree relatives can be called in one word - cousins.

children and siblings have the same name nephews, although the ancient Slavs existed terms - nety (nephew) and Nester (niece).

relatives by marriage

term spouse applies only strangers and relatives.Use of the term "spouse", "husband" in relation to her own husband or wife is not accepted.

Parents husband to his wife and mother-in-law called the parents of his wife towards her husband - father-and mother-in-law.Between themselves, the parents are referred to as - the matchmakers.The wife of a son - daughter-in-law for, the daughter for the rest of the family, the husband of the daughter - in-law for all the family daughter.

problem may occur with the brothers and sisters of spouses.You've got to remember.My brother's wife - in-law, his wife's sister - sister-.Her husband's brother - brother-sister, husband - in-law, to better remember, you can take advantage of people's psychological characteristics - better brother-four than zolovushka one.

unrelated close relationship

godmother and godfather of the so-called - the cross.There dialectal names - Coke, Lelka.

Godparents to each other and to their parents godson - godfathers.Nepotism as the degree of kinship recognized on a par with the vital, godfathers forbidden to enter into marriage.