In the days of the Soviet Union two thirds of the goods transported by sea vessels processed in the ports of Ukraine.However, in the 90s of XX century the country lost most of its ships.August 29, 2012 Mr. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov made a statement on the need to restore the country's merchant fleet.He believes it is vital to increase the volume of exports.The Government plans to carry out an annual export of over 20 million tons of grain and fertilizer import about 10 billion cubic meters.m. szhizhzhennogo gas.The most convenient way to do this, according to the country's leadership, the fleet is as occurring in Ukraine the Dnieper River and the Danube have great potential as a transport artery.

recovery of sea and river fleet will help reduce the cost of pervozku goods within the country.However, the P
rime Minister said that the implementation of these plans, you need to update the entire transport infrastructure (including railways, airports, motorways) and the establishment of competitive prices for the carriage of goods.An obscure

remain size of investments for the implementation of such a project, because Ukraine will need extra ships.So far, only the Government announced its intention to include in the budget of Ukraine 2012 funds for the restoration of the Dnieper as a shipping company.The first step will be cleared and set the channel of the river reloading terminals.It is planned to involve in the revival of the private shipping kompanii.Tak recently in the Kiev region of cereal "NIBULON" opened transshipment terminal that can provide load in river transport up to 10 000 tons of grain per day.And in the near future it is planned to modernize the port of Odessa and the launching of a new cargo ship commissioned by Ulstein International AS.