In the material sense, this document is a set of specific legal rules that determine the progress of the supreme bodies of the state.They form the order and progress of the operation, mutual relations and competence, as well as the fundamental status of citizens in relation to public authorities.The legal field is shared by the two constitutional concepts - jure and de facto.The first is a set of legal rules governing a certain circle of relationships within society, and the second - a real-life relationship.
constitution also differs from the others operating in the State laws on the following principles: - it has the highest legal force enshrines the provisions o
f the existing state system, defines the basic rights and freedoms in the country, as well as the shape of the state and higher authoritiespower.There are the following differences - the constitution is characterized by greater stability and lower volatility, it is a base for the rest of the legislation, it is distinguished by a special procedure for the adoption and complexity of change.
In the state of the adopted Constitution establishes a number of functions.Founding is a reflection of changes in social life and is a political and legal basis for the development of this society.Organizing establishes the results already achieved the state system and sets new objectives for it.Foreign policy regulates the country's political life and ideological fixed in the document and advocate a certain political doctrine as the dominant over the other (as was, for example, in the USSR).
Russian Constitution was adopted on 12 December 1993 by popular vote, and entered into force on December 25 the same year.The result was abolished before the current Congress of People's Deputies of Russia, and the beginning of the act of the Federal Assembly, which consists of the Council of Federations with two representatives from each state and the subject of the State Duma, whose members are elected by popular vote.The Constitution of the Russian Federation is the linking of the state system of the country, determining the state of law and freedom through public and actions of the supreme bodies of executive power.Russian President considered officially took office only after bringing the official oath on the Constitution.